Welcome to the voice revolution

You’ve been surfing the Web for years, clicking links and pushing buttons. But what would it mean to make the Internet yours? With Voice Box, you’re a command away. From the couch or the kitchen, click links and fill out out forms. You can even share and save content like images, text and data.

If you have an Alexa device, to control this page through voice. It's a new world of enhanced browsing and we’d love to show you what’s possible!

Voice Browsing with Voice Box
  • Users

    Download the Chrome Extension to enable voice browsing for all your favorite sites.

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  • Developers

    Add the power of voice to your site. One script tag is all it takes to enable Voice Box.

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  • Businesses

    We can help you increase customer engagement through voice. Contact us for details.

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Control the Web with your voice

Not every Web site supports Voice Box yet. Until then, you can try a trial version the Voice Box Chrome Extension. It’s free to use and gives you the power to control any Web site through your Alexa device.

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We'd love to get your feedback!


Enable voice on your site

You can enable Voice Box for your site visitors by including our script. Include it before the closing body tag.

<script src="https://www.voicebox.tel/js/voicebox.js"></script> Voice Box

When users visit your page, they'll see a link that they can click to enable voice control. (If you need to change the placement of this link refer to the developer docs.)

If you'd like your users to get the most out of Voice Box, take the time to annotate your site with additional markup. Your users will appreciate the added refinement. Benefits include:

  • Surface hard-to-find content.
  • Highlight commonly-requested addresses and phone numbers.
  • Enable shared browsing to improve social engagement.


Increase Customer Engagement

Voice doesn't replace the assets you already have. Customer engagement is what matters most. We can help you blend interactions across channels and refine your engagement strategy to leverage voice when it's most effective.

Improve Employee Efficiency

From power users to infrequent users, we've all been challenged as we've used internal sites and apps. To solve this we've designed Voice Box as an open integration platform.

Through the use of voice and gestures, we can help you improve the usability of your internal apps to help employees stay efficient...whether they're using the app for the first time or the tenth.

Novice Users

Alexa, tell Voice Box to...
  • Show me the FAQ
  • Enable field-level help
  • Connect me with support

Power Users

Alexa, tell Voice Box to...
  • Save page state as template
  • Show my templates
  • Apply template three


Refer to the User Guide for a full list of possible phrases as you voice-browse.

Say "Alexa, ask Voice Box for help."

If you're a developer and you want to understand the full range of markup you can add to your site, refer the Developer Docs. This site is already Voice Box-enabled, so try out each example for a full sense of what you can offer your users.

Say "Alexa, ask Voice Box to show the docs."